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2000 Cobra R Bilstein OEM strut (35-045939)
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  • Item # VE3-4593-W0
  • Manufacturer: Bilstein
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2000 Cobra R Mustang, Bilstein OEM strut, fits 1987-04 Mustang V8 spindles, with integral progressive bumpstop, no dust boot.

  • Suitable for stock Cobra R springs, and other stock-location springs with rates around 800 lb/in
  • Not recommended for use with coil-overs
  • Spindle mounting holes relocated for additional negative camber

For more details and technical information, scroll down.

Heavy Duty (HD) Bilstein Spring Recommendations
Conventional Spring Sets MM Road & Track
H&R Race
H&R Super Race
Stock 2000 Cobra R Springs
  • OEM on the Cobra R
  • Unusually soft compression valving to reduce understeer
  • Struts do not include dustcovers
  • Dust boots available separately; not included with strut
  • Bilstein struts and shocks are made with patented mono-tube technology
  • Inverted strut design has very large strut shaft bushings for greater resistance to deflection from cornering loads, and protection of the oil seal
  • High nitrogen gas pressure prevents oil foaming and resultant fading
  • Monotube design has better heat dissipation than twin-tube dampers, keeps the oil cooler, and decreases heat-induced damper fade
  • Each Bilstein strut and shock is tested on a shock dyno
  • Includes and integral, progressive bumpstop
  • MM Sport series and MM Race series dampers are better suited for more aggressive spring rates.

OEM 2000 Cobra R Bilsteins were designed by Ford to control the linear rate springs that came on the limited production "R model". The spindle mounting holes of these struts were relocated for additional negative camber. While they were known as the hot upgrade for IRS equipped Cobras for many years, when Maximum Motorsports began extensive testing of IRS-equipped Mustangs, we soon found the shortcomings of the 2000 Cobra R dampers. Ford used unusually soft compression valving in the front struts in an apparent attempt to reduce understeer. For this reason, the front struts are not a good foundation for coil-over conversions, but they do work well with stock location springs that have rates in the neighborhood of 800 lb/in.

For dampers more suited to aggressive spring rates, see the MM Sport series and MM Race series dampers.

While they are non-adjustable, Bilstein's unique deflective-disc valve design instantaneously self-adjusts to changing road surfaces. Their performance does not degrade with age, usage, or heat, requiring no compensating manual adjustments as with other brands. Bilstein uses a patented mono-tube design that allows for a larger piston size than is possible with a twin-tube damper. The mono-tube design provides better heat dissipation to keep the damper's oil cooler, and decreases heat-induced damper fade. High-pressure nitrogen gas prevents oil foaming and fading. The unique inverted design of the Bilstein strut allows for very large strut shaft bushings, which are less prone to deflection. The inverted strut design also keeps the oil seal protected from the elements. Every Bilstein damper is tested on a shock dyno before leaving the factory to ensure quality.

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