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Mythbusters! Watch the July 31 episode for Mustang mayhem. We're big fans of the show, so we were happy to oblige when the producers asked us for an MM part to help Adam and Jamie attempt to bust a myth. See if you can spot the MM part in the new Summer Season Sneak Preview and the Winter Season Sneak Preview. More Mythbusters is on the MM Facebook page.

MM on TV is now on the web! Watch Engine Power on the web to see the installation of a Maximum Motorsports suspension package on Engine Power's "Barely Legal Mustang" project car. This Fox Mustang also gets a Coyote engine swap! Engine Power is one of the Power Nation TV shows airing on Spike, CBS Sports Network, and NBC Sports Network.

Vortech's 2014 Mustang SEMA show car, with its MM suspension, is on the road, traveling from show to show. It will be on display at the Fresh Meet Summer Bash at Kean University in Union, NJ, July 13. The next event will be Mustang Week, at the Myrtle Beach Mall in Myrtle Beach, SC, July 18-19.

MM's Road & Track Box for 2005-2014 Mustangs is now available. StangTV has an installation article, and a press release. Read more about MM's latest Grip Box on the MM website.

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  • Item # MMKM-2.1
  • Manufacturer: Maximum Motorsports
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MM K-member for 1979-95 Mustang with engine swap to 4.6L/5.4L modular, 5.0L Coyote, or LSX engine.

See the K-member packages that include all you need to install a MM K-member on your Mustang.

Read the Car Craft magazine article about their installation of an MM K-member into their Mustang project car.


  • Allows engine swaps: Install 4.6L/5.4L modular, 5.0L Coyote, or LSX engine into a 1979-95 Mustang.
  • Unlike k-members designed for 1996-04 applications, this version fits the 1979-95 chassis.
  • Replaces the stock k-member with improved version designed by MM.
  • Lighter weight than stock k-member: Installation of complete K-member system reduces vehicle weight by nearly 40 lb.
  • Improves suspension geometry.
  • Moves roll center vertical location to optimum position.
  • Improves weight distribution.
  • Allows increase in positive caster.
  • Improves maintenance access.
  • Easier steering rack removal than stock or other aftermarket k-members.
  • Stiff design prevents flexing.
  • Tough enough for street, strip, and road course use.


    • Raised front control arm pivot points; 2 positions accommodate the ride heights of street-driven Mustangs and racecars.
    • Control arm pivot points are moved straight forward 0.75"
    • Fore/aft tire location is determined by which MM Front Control Arm is chosen.

  Fore/aft tire location
MM control arm type 1979-93 1994-95
Reverse-offset Stock location Not available
Non-offset 0.75" forward 0.75" forward
Forward-offset 1.5" forward 1.5" forward

  • Accepts fitment of other aftermarket front control arms that replicate the stock control arm pivot bushing locations, and have smaller than stock bushings.
  • Includes a 2-point chassis brace (stock k-members need a brace, and so do aftermarket k-members).
  • Maintains stock engine mount height for best oil pan clearance.
  • No modifications need to be made to the engine mounts, unlike many other aftermarket k-members.
  • Includes features to ease squaring to the chassis during installation.
  • Superb installation instructions
  • Powder coated black
  • Designed and track tested by MM's engineering team.
  • Made by MM in the USA. Beware of the poor quality copies made overseas.

Items required for installation

Items recommended


  • Steering rack height is the lower 1996-04 location, not the earlier height.
  • Complete k-member packages are available. This MMKM-2.1 may be substituted into any existing MM k-member package; call to order.
  • For installing a 5.0L, 302, 351W, 3.8L, or 2.3L engine in a 1996-04 Mustang, use the MMKM-1.1.
  • Stock front control arms will not fit because of the large size of the pivot bushings.
  • Has clearance for Canton 15-784 oil pan.
  • LSX engines require fabrication of engine mounts, or Ford modular engine mounts can be modified to fit the LSX block.

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