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New! MM now has StopTech front brake hoses for the 2015+ Mustang.

New! MM Starter Box for S550 Mustangs. Includes Koni dampers, MM Caster Camber Plates, choice of Eibach or H&R springs, and Eibach swaybars.

New! Koni struts and shocks are now available for S550 Mustangs. Koni's renowned Sport series single-adjustable dampers will greatly improve the handling your 2015+ Mustang.

New! MM Engine Support Beam for 2005-2014 Mustangs holds your engine up while swapping k-members. Ideal for installing the Mm5KM-7 k-member, or any k-member. Install headers much more easily by removing your k-member.

New! Now in stock are springs for the 2015 Mustang from Eibach and H&R.

New! MM now offers an adjustable front swaybar for SN95 Mustangs. Currently in stock and ready to ship.

New! Second-generation MM shocks are now available, with 4 different valvings in stock. These shocks are loaded with new features to improve performance. Along with the new shocks are 2 new coil-over kits, and a new Racing Upper Shock Mount.

New! Read the new MM&FF install article about our new 2015 Mustang Caster Camber plates. More product information about the Mm6CC-10 kit can be found here.

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  • Item # MMFCA-7,8
  • Manufacturer: Maximum Motorsports

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  • Stock-geometry, non-offset control arm.
  • Moves front tires forward 3/4" when installed with MM k-member.
  • Keeps stock wheelbase with stock k-member.
  • Urethane or Delrin control arm bushings (Choose option above)
  • Requires coil-over conversion.
  • Removes nearly 40 pounds when combining control arms, k-member, and coil-over conversion.
  • Quickens steering response by reducing bushing deflection.

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Tech Info

For easy selection of all parts required for installation, choose a complete k-member package.

Note differences in control arm position

Fore and Aft Wheel Location

The fore-aft location of your Mustang's front tires may change after installation of MM Front Control Arms, and will definitely change after installation of an MM K-member. How much it changes in either scenario depends on the specific combination of parts you install. The images below show the results of several combinations installed on a 1994-2004 Mustang.

Left image: No change in tire location, using either:

  • Stock K-member and stock front control arms
  • Stock K-member and MM Non-Offset Front Control Arms

Middle image: Tire moved forward 0.75", using either:

  • MM K-member and MM Non-Offset Front Control Arms. The MM K-member adds 0.75" of forward offset.
  • Stock K-member and MM Forward-Offset Front Control Arms. The MM Forward-Offset Front Control Arms add 0.75" of forward offset.

Right image: Tire moved forward 1.5", using:

  • MM K-member and MM Forward-Offset Front Control Arms. The MM K-member adds 0.75" of forward offset and the MM Forward-Offset Front Control Arms add another 0.75" of forward offset, totaling 1.5" forward offset.