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MM supports NASA road racers! MM offers contingency prizes for American Iron, American Iron Extreme, Spec Iron, and the Camaro-Mustang Challenge at both 2017 NASA Championship events, Western and Eastern. Read the details and register now.

Canadians! Please read the latest about ordering from Canada/shipping to Canada.

Details for KONI consumer rebate program

The KONI consumer rebate program is now running. Take advantage and order KONIs for your Mustang today! To learn the rules for the rebate download the required form. You must turn in the purchase receipt (with KONI part numbers listed), and the UPC codes, along with your completed form within 30 days of purchase to qualify for the rebate.

Turnology drives their S550 after they installed the latest MM Starter Box. Read about the Starter Box and their test drive report.

/DRIVE just released a new video of MM's Mustang in their Tuner car Shootout. We've just posted the parts list and link to the video.

New! MM now offers an adjustable front swaybar for SN95 Mustangs. Currently in stock and ready to ship.

New! MM Starter Box for S550 Mustangs. Includes Koni dampers, MM Caster Camber Plates, choice of Eibach or H&R springs, and Eibach swaybars.

Starter Box for S550 Mustang, 2015+
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  • Starter Box for S550 Mustang, 2015+

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  • Item # SBX6-61

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MM Caster Camber Plates

Eibach swaybar set

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The Starter Box

This Grip Box from Maximum Motorsports includes the basic ingredients you need to significantly improve the handling of your S550 Mustang.

What improvements will I notice?
Less body roll when cornering, less brake dive, and quicker response to steering input. Ride quality will be firm, without the underdamped-at-speed feeling of the stock dampers.


Convertible GT note
Is your S550 a convertible GT? If so, select the 35145.140 Eibach Pro-Kit spring set.


Choose from the listed choices. Click on the links below for more info about each spring set:

  • 35145.140 - Eibach Pro-Kit for GT coupe & convertible
  • 4.14535 - Eibach Sportline for GT
  • 51691 - H&R Sport for GT
  • 51691.77 - H&R Super Sport for GT
  • 35147.140 - Eibach Pro-Kit for Ecoboost & V6
  • 4.14735 - Eibach Sportline for Ecoboost & V6

Convertible GT note
Select 35145.140, the Eibach Pro-Kit springs.

MM Caster Camber Plates
MM Caster Camber Plates are included as standard. Select "No, thanks" if you already have a set.

Eibach swaybar set
The Starter Box includes front and rear Eibach swaybars. Select "No, thanks" if you don't want them.

The Starter Box
This Grip Box gives your S550 Mustang a much sportier suspension feel without significantly degrading ride quality. You will notice less body roll when cornering, less brake dive, and quicker response to steering input. Ride quality will be firm, without the underdamped-at-speed feeling of the stock dampers.


  • 2015+ Mustang GT, Ecoboost, and V6
  • Coupe and convertible (35145.140 spring set only)

Does NOT fit

  • GT350
  • GT350R

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  • Caster/camber plates are required for any lowered Mustang to set the alignment back within specification.
  • KONI high-performance single-adjustable struts and shocks match well with Eibach and H&R springs to provide excellent performance and ride quality.
  • Your choice of high-quality Eibach or H&R springs will lower your Mustang and improve handling.