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MM on TV is now on the web! Another episode of Engine Power is now on the web, featuring more MM parts. Several more MM parts were installed in this episode, Part 3 of the barely Legal Mustang project. The MM parts include rear disc brake lines, manual brake installation kit, and a roll bar. Part 2 of Barely Legal, the installation of a Maximum Motorsports suspension package, is also on line. Engine Power is one of the Power Nation TV shows airing on Spike, CBS Sports Network, and NBC Sports Network.

MM's Road & Track Box for 2005-2014 Mustangs is now available. StangTV has an installation article, and a press release. Read more about MM's latest Grip Box on the MM website.

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  • Item # MMRLCAU-2
  • Manufacturer: Maximum Motorsports
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This kit includes replacement urethane for our HD rear lower control arms for 1999-04 solid axle Mustangs, as well as new sleeves and grease. Fits MMRLCA-5 and MMRLCA-6 arm varieties.

If you have a 1998 or earlier Mustang, use MMRLCAU-1