MM News

MM supports NASA road racers! MM offers contingency prizes for American Iron, American Iron Extreme, Spec Iron, and the Camaro-Mustang Challenge at both 2017 NASA Championship events, Western and Eastern. Read the details and register now.

Canadians! Please read the latest about ordering from Canada/shipping to Canada.

Turnology drives their S550 after they installed the latest MM Starter Box. Read about the Starter Box and their test drive report.

/DRIVE just released a new video of MM's Mustang in their Tuner car Shootout. We've just posted the parts list and link to the video.

New! MM now offers an adjustable front swaybar for SN95 Mustangs. Currently in stock and ready to ship.

New! MM Starter Box for S550 Mustangs. Includes Koni dampers, MM Caster Camber Plates, choice of Eibach or H&R springs, and Eibach swaybars.

Clutch Cable Tech

MM Universal Ford OEM Clutch Cable!

We have done a lot of research on Mustang clutch cables, buying and testing almost every different cable on the market we could find. We have found after all this investigation, that the OEM Ford Clutch Cables are the best quality cables available. They have a multi-material, layered construction that provides better heat, friction and collapsibility protection than all the aftermarket cables we dissected. With that in mind, we have begun selling all year ranges of OEM Ford Mustang cables, for those customers that demand a cable that will last. We have developed a clutch adjustment package that will work with all OEM Ford cables. Our Quadrant, firewall package will allow the use of all OEM Ford Mustang clutch cables (and adjustable clutch cables, too), however the cables all require some minor modifications.

We also sell a package with the MM Universal Ford OEM clutch cable, which comes with all the parts you need to install a Ford quality clutch cable in your Mustang with an aluminum quadrant and firewall adjuster, that requires no additional cable modifications. This universal clutch cable will provide more header clearance, and therefore even better heat protection, than any other cable we have found, including the 5.0 liter engine OEM Ford Mustang cables!! This cable, quadrant and firewall adjuster can be the answer to all your clutch cable problems! We have also discontinued selling adjustable clutch cables due to the poor quality and repeated returns we have experienced. Based on our research and ongoing testing, OEM Ford cables are the only solution to Mustang clutch cable problems.

The photo below compares the construction of an aftermarket Mustang clutch cable (upper cable) and an OEM Ford Mustang cable (lower cable). Note that Ford utilizes a multi layer construction which helps prevent heat from affecting the sliding action of the inner cable or causing a compression failure of the outer housing, while still allowing the cable to be sufficiently flexible. While we have looked at the construction of many aftermarket cables, none have had a construction that can compare to the quality of the OEM Ford cables.