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Read-Me-First Notes

  • Orders received over the weekend are processed on the next business day.
  • If you placed an order through an MM dealer, contact that dealer.

"Why haven't I received a tracking number---for the order I placed Saturday night---before my lunchtime on Monday?"

  • Because tracking numbers are e-mailed to you through UPS, at the end of the day the package is shipped. Tracking numbers for orders placed over the weekend are never e-mailed before the package is picked up; tracking numbers are e-mailed after our daily UPS pick-up time, at the end of the day on Monday.
  • Because first come, first served: There is a chance that your package may not get shipped on Monday because we are busy shipping the orders we received before we received your order.
  • Because you did not provide us with your correct e-mail address.

Please use the e-mail submission form below to send your message to the Sales Department. Include:

  • Your full name
  • If you ordered on our website, your order number
  • If you were e-mailed an invoice, that invoice number
  • When you placed your order; the more specific the info, the better
  • Please state your specific question
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