Matt Farah's Awesome Fox

Our congratulations to Matt Farah for building his Mustang just the way he wanted it! In the end, it became one of our favorite project Mustangs ever. (Yes, we're envious.) And Matt didn't stop at just creating a phenomenal exterior; the inside also bears his personal style stamp. Best of all, Matt's Mustang now handles like magic, thanks to a Maximum Grip Box that we custom-tailored exclusively for Matt's big-tire Fox and its Cobra IRS swap.

First seen in a series of videos on The Smoking Tire (Matt's YouTube channel) and now gaining widespread notice by other media. Check it out.

Car Craft


The Smoking Tire on YouTube

The Smoking Tire Podcast

More images of Matt's Mustang

Build photos: When Matt's Mustang was at MM

Equipped by MM with these parts:

Matt Farah's parts list

Matt Farah's Smoking Tire Project Mustang

Pictures detailing the build of Matt Farah's Smoking Tire project car.



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