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Maximum Motorsports
Maximum Motorsports was established in 1992. Since then our staff of performance enthusiasts has worked hard to create some of the most innovative performance products available for the Mustang. Although we have moved into larger facilities several times, we have always stayed on the central coast of California, in the beautiful town of San Luis Obispo.

Maximum Motorsports is well respected as a leading developer of suspension systems and performance parts. From the beginning, MM has consistently received praise from the automotive press, the aftermarket performance industry, and customers.

Maximum Motorsports is the Leader in Performance Suspensions
Don't believe it? Just look at how many other companies have followed our lead by either imitating, or blatantly copying, what we have done. We have had our designs copied, our products counterfeited (complete with fake MM stickers), and our patents infringed upon. Our installation instructions have not only been plagiarized, but portions have been photocopied and inserted into the instructions of our competitors' products. If we aren't the leaders, then why is everybody following us?

Leadership by Design
Maximum Motorsports is not only a group of automotive enthusiasts, we are also a group of designers and engineers. Unlike the vast majority of other companies in the Mustang aftermarket industry, we employ a staff of engineers. Real engineers, with college degrees. How many other companies in the Mustang aftermarket industry have been awarded U.S. patents for design innovations?

We strive to manufacture the best parts possible. We are perfectionists, and we will not try to sell you something that we would not be proud to have on our own cars. We define and analyze a problem, and then design the best solution. We are committed to being the very best that we can be. At Maximum Motorsports we always strive to set the bar ever higher. That is what makes MM the overwhelming choice of knowledgeable enthusiasts such as you.

Maximum Motorsports was the first with:
  • Caster/Camber plates that are independently adjustable for both caster and camber.
  • Caster/Camber plates that were designed specifically to accommodate a coil-over conversion.
  • A U.S. patent for the innovative design of our 4-bolt caster/camber Plates.
  • Coil-over conversion kits for Bilstein struts and shocks.
  • Direct-fit stainless steel braided brake lines. Before we did it, all aftermarket brake lines were made from universal hoses with AN fittings and adapters to fit a Mustang.
  • Roll bars that could be installed to meet the NHRA rules without requiring that welding be done inside of the car.
  • Bumpsteer analysis proving that installing offset steering rack bushings on a stock k-member made the bumpsteer situation worse.
  • Strut tower braces that attached to the firewall's pinch weld, its strongest point.
  • K-members that were not weaker than a stock k-member.
  • 2-point braces as standard equipment on an aftermarket K-member.
  • Torque-arms with a design so innovative we were awarded a U.S patent.
  • Full-length Subframe connectors. We even invented the name.
This Website
We are proud of our website. With the latest revisions it is larger than ever, and is packed with products to help you take your Mustang to whatever level of performance you desire. Maximum Motorsports is dedicated to carrying only the finest products for your Mustang. From mild to wild, we have the parts you need to improve the handling prowess of your favorite pony car.

For the best high performance suspension parts for the Mustang, stick with the leader in suspension design, Maximum Motorsports!