MM News

To our Canadian friends

Hello up there! We appreciate your interest in Maximum Motorsports! MM wants to remind you that the United States is another country. That's right; despite the whole NAFTA thing: when you order from Maximum Motorsports you are ordering from a country other than your own!

This is important information to remember, because when you order stuff from another country, there are lots of additional weird taxes, tariffs, and fees that make your items more expensive to get to you. The less expensive the item, the more exorbitant the shipping and additional charges will be.

Therefore, we strongly urge you to order from one of the MM dealers located within the borders of your country, rather than directly from MM. A list of our Canadian dealers is located at the bottom of our dealer listing page.

MM has no control over the cost of shipping to Canada. Shipping parts to another country obviously costs more than shipping across town. Even huge companies like Zappos don't ship to Canada due to the problems encountered in getting items delivered, the time it takes, and the cost.

  • As a U.S. company we only speak of USD (United States dollars). We never convert USD to Canadian dollars. We never, ever make reference to Canadian dollars.
  • We only ship to your credit card billing address. We will not ship to your friend's house, or to the shop working on your car. It is very easy for you to add an address by calling your credit card issuer.
  • Too much of a hassle? Order from one of the MM dealers located in Canada.

Shipping of roll bars to Canada adds an additional layer of complications. Therefore, we're forced into a more restrictive policy:

  • We do not ship 1979-2004 Mustang roll bars to individuals in Canada. Please order from an MM dealer in Canada. This change in policy is due to the many difficulties we've encountered with truck freight into Canada.
  • We will ship MM Roll Bars for 2005-2014 Mustangs to individuals in Canada. Shipping is still available to individuals because those roll bars ship via UPS, which handles the brokerage tasks. Again, please expect delivery to take longer and be more expensive than your domestic purchases. We only ship to your credit card billing address.

So, there's that. We just wanted to let our Canadian fans know, eh. :)