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Most parts manufactured by Maximum Motorsports are intended for off-road or competition use, and are therefore sold "as is" without any warranty whatsoever. Implied warranties of merchantability or fitness, etc., are also excluded. The entire risk as to quality and performance is with the buyer. Should such items prove defective, the buyer assumes the entire cost of all necessary service and repair. Exceptions to this policy are only those expressly specified for a particular product.

All items manufactured by another manufacturer are warranted to the extent of such warranty offered by that manufacturer. Non-Maximum Motorsports manufactured items have no Maximum Motorsports warranty. Contact the manufacturer directly for information about their warranty policy.

Caster/Camber Plate Warranty

Maximum Motorsports provides a limited warranty to the original purchaser of MM Caster Camber Plates. If any of the covered items fail in use, we will replace that component. This is not a warranty against items wearing out from use, but is a warranty for the failure of any of the specific components listed. This warranty applies only to the original retail purchaser of genuine Maximum Motorsports (MM) Caster Camber Plates.

Caster Camber Plate Warranty: List of covered items and items not covered.

How to submit a warranty claim.

We have properly presented the required pre-sale notification of our warranty terms. We are neither liable nor responsible for ascertaining whether those terms have been read by our customers.

How do I make a claim for warranty replacement?

  • Please have the part number ready, and your purchase receipt. We will need to confirm you are the original retail purchaser. If you purchased your item from an authorized MM dealer, please have their invoice number available for us to confirm the purchase.
  • Contact us.
  • We will first assist you in determining if there actually has been a component failure, or if something else is amiss.
  • If it does appear to be a component failure, at our discretion we may choose to send you a replacement component, or require that you purchase the replacement component subject to later reimbursement upon return to us of the failed component.
  • Note: 50% of the spherical bearings sent to us for warranty replacement have nothing wrong with them, and therefore do not receive any warranty reimbursement. Proper initial investigation and diagnosis will save you time and money.