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Before calling, please have the relevant information at hand. We suggest a written list:

For customer service:

  • Your full name
  • If you ordered on our website, your order number
  • If you were e-mailed an invoice, your invoice number
  • When you placed your order; the more specific the info, the better
  • Your specific question

For Technical advice:

  • If you have questions about choosing coil-over spring rates see our Tech Services page.
  • If you have questions about the size of a brake master cylinder see our Tech Services page.
  • Model and year of your car
  • How you plan to use your car
  • List of chassis and suspension modifications already done
  • Approximate engine power (we rarely need to know the actual mods)
  • Wheel size
  • Tire size, brand, and model
  • Your specific questions

Please don't call us with the same questions that you already e-mailed us. Doing so just increases our workload, slows down our response time for answering e-mail (including answering yours), and adds to your in-box.

Call only when we're here to answer the phone:
9 AM to 3 PM, Monday-Friday, Pacific Time
(888) 378-8830
(805) 544-8748 (local)

International: (805) 544-8748

We have multiple incoming lines, and a phone system.
"Why tell me that?"So you will know what to expect when you call.

  1. When you hear a busy signal, it means all our lines are in use.
    "What should I do?" Do not panic; simply call back later.
  2. We always try to answer the phone with a real live human being.
    "Why did I end up in the phone system?" That can happen for several reasons: Perhaps you called outside of business hours. Perhaps we're all eating pizza. Perhaps you called when all of our humans were already busy answering the other lines. Perhaps we are short on humans at that moment.

    "How could you be short on humans?" Because humans sometimes stuff their mouths with food, go to the restroom, talk to customers who visit us in person, stay home with that virus that's been going around, get stuck in sometimes boring yet still important meetings, and take vacations. And go out on test drives.
  3. Relax when you enter The Phone System.
    "Why should I relax?" Because a real live human being will be with you very soon. Because you may expand your musical horizons by listening to what our local radio station is playing. Because if you hang up and call back later you will be at the back of the line, and you will end up waiting on hold for an even longer time.
  4. You may leave a message.
    "When will you call back?" As soon as we can. Sometimes that may be minutes, sometimes that may be several hours.

Faxing Maximum Motorsports

  • Sorry, we no longer have a fax line now that we have a fast fiber-optic connection to the Internet. The last century's fax technology is incompatible with 21st century fiber-optic technology.
  • Instead of faxing you may scan a document, create a PDF file, and email that to us.
  • Please type what you turn into a PDF. If you must handwrite your document, please write legibly.
  • Include all relevant information. Remember to include your name and contact information. Your voice phone number might come in handy.