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Read the info immediately below, and then use the e-mail submission form at the very bottom of this page.

... Please read this first!

  1. We like e-mail!
    "Why?" You can send us questions at your convenience, 24/7. E-mail allows you to take the time to organize your questions so we can understand your situation clearly.
  2. We like e-mail! (Part 2!)
    "Why?" E-mail gives us the time to research answers to your questions without the need to put you on 'hold' and force you to listen to our hold music. We might even have to take one of our shop cars out for a test drive to research the answer to your question.
  3. Use the form at the bottom of this page.
    "Why?" We use the magic of computers to help sort e-mail, and without using the form your e-mail might get lost.
  4. E-mail is not Instant Messaging or Chat.
    "What's the difference?" E-mail is not real-time synchronous communication, while IM is. When you e-mail us, after the initial computerized sorting, a real person-here in our office-- reads your message solely to determine which of our Tech Associates can best answer your question. The message is routed to that Tech Associate, who then reads it, researches an answer, and responds to you. E-mails are usually answered in the order we receive them. Questions requiring long and complex answers will take additional time to research. We want to give you the correct answer, and the best advice, and that may take us some time.
  5. Please do not expect an immediate response.
    "Why not?" Read number 4 above; e-mail is not real-time synchronous communication.
  6. We respond to each and every e-mail we receive. Eventually.
    "Why does it take hours or days to get an e-mail response?" Read numbers 3, 4, and 5 above, and numbers 7, 8, and 9 below.
  7. Responses to e-mails are only researched and written during business hours (Pacific time, Monday-Friday).
    "Why?...The Internet is 24/7!" Because our Tech Associates get cranky if we force them to answer e-mails for more than 10 hours a day. Because our Tech Associates refuse to work for more than 5 days without taking a break. Because, while the Internet is 24/7, so is life, and choices have to be made.
  8. Responses may sometimes take a few days.
    "Why?" For many reasons: Read numbers 7 and 9. Perhaps you had many technical questions in your e-mail that required a lot of research time to answer properly. Perhaps our incoming e-mail volume was unusually high. Or...perhaps you did not provide us with enough information about your car, or your questions were not written clearly, which frustrated our Tech Associates and so they set your e-mail aside to answer 'later,' and instead answered another e-mail that may have been more clearly written and straightforward.
  9. E-mails we receive over the weekend are read the following Monday (and Tuesday when volume is high).
    "Why didn't I receive a response to the e-mail I wrote on Friday night before noontime on Monday?" Because on the weekends we are out of the office driving! Read number 7 above.
  10. Help us help you.
    "How can I do that?" Be very careful to correctly type your e-mail address into the proper field of the e-mail submission form below. If we do not have your correct e-mail address then you will never receive the response we put our time into writing. Please include all relevant information in your e-mail. Tell us what your car is (model, year, options). Tell us what other modifications have been done to it. Tell us how you use your car. For example, is it a daily driver, a street and strip car, an open-track car, or a road race car? Ask questions in a clear manner; punctuation and paragraphs help us understand you. Right here is where having paid attention during that high school English class would pay off.
  11. We like e-mail.
    "So...Why are you repeating that?" Because we don't want you to be discouraged by numbers 4, 5, 7, 8, 9, and 10. We are simply explaining the realities of our e-mail world. We don't have call centers halfway around the world. We are real people, located on the North American continent. Have a little patience: Take a breath, get some coffee, stop and smell the flowers. We will answer your e-mail. If you really, really cannot wait for an e-mail response, do not e-mail us, call our Tech Department. Please do not e-mail us and then call us with the same question.
  • If you have questions about choosing coil-over spring rates start with our Tech Services page.
  • If you have questions about how to choose the size of a brake master cylinder start with our Tech Services page.

Please use the e-mail submission form below and choose "Tech Department" from the drop-down menu. Include all relevant information.

  • Model and year of your car
  • How you plan to use your car
  • List of chassis and suspension modifications already done
  • Your specific questions
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