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MM Coronavirus Update

We’re changing our phone hours to 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM Pacific Time (Monday-Friday, excluding holidays) so we have more time to process orders and get them out to you.

Please be aware
Our supply chain is suffering major pandemic-related disruptions. Many of our suppliers shut down for a time, and like us are operating with reduced manpower. Meanwhile, demand for MM products has skyrocketed. Thank you! We’re a small company and we regret our website isn’t fancy enough to inform you of back orders when you buy something. Please understand that we’re working as fast as we can to fill your orders.

UPS Shipping Times As of March 24, UPS no longer guarantees the shipping time for any shipment. i.e., expect shipping time to lengthen.

Stock-location springs
MM offers stock-location spring sets, along with sets from H&R and Eibach. All match well with MM dampers, as outlined in the tables below. MM and H&R springs are also available as front pairs and rear pairs.

How do I choose a stock-location spring set?

  1. In the tables below, look at the "Typical Use" column to find the most accurate description of your situation. See the center column for our recommendation of spring sets that will work well for you.
  2. Read about the springs that interest you on the Spring Product Pages.

OK, I chose my springs. Now which dampers do I need?

  • Look again in the table below for the spring set you chose, listed in the center column.
  • The right-hand column will tell you the best dampers for your chosen spring set.
  • Some listed springs match with more than one typical use and strut series. For a Mustang primarily driven on the street, choose the softer series strut (for example, the Street series rather than the Sport series). For a Mustang that's frequently autocrossed or open-tracked, choose the stiffer series strut listed for that same spring (for example, the Sport series rather than the Street series).


1979-2004 Mustang with solid rear axle
Typical Use Use this spring Use this MM damper series
Street driven: stock Stock Springs Street
Street driven: extreme lowering
(1.75" or more)
H&R Super Sport
Eibach SportLine
Street driven: moderate lowering
(1.5" or less)
H&R Sport
Eibach Pro-Kit
Street driven: performance MM Road & Track
H&R Race
High-performance street driven
MM Road & Track
H&R Race
H&R Super Race
Open-tracking H&R Super Race Race MM2/RA2


1979-2004 Mustang with Cobra IRS
Typical Use Use this spring Use this MM damper series
Street driven: stock Stock Springs MM Street/Bilstein HD
Street driven:
lowered and performance
H&R Race
Eibach Pro-Kit
MM Street/Bilstein HD
High-performance street driven
H&R Race MM Sport
Race MM2


If you still need assistance choosing a stock-location spring set for your Mustang, please contact us.