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Maximum Grip Box Setup Form

Maximum Grip Box setup for 1979-2004 Mustangs

As a service to our customers purchasing a Maximum Grip Box directly from Maximum Motorsports, we're happy to make recommendations specific to your particular Mustang and its usage. However, to do that, we need your input. Here's what you need to know:

  • Required: You must purchase MM's Tech Services before submitting this form. The Tech Services purchase price will be refunded when you order a Maximum Grip Box directly from MM within 180 days.
  • Please answer all questions on the form completely. It's very important that you answer every question so we can make the best recommendations for your Mustang's new Maximum Grip Box.
  • If you can't answer a question, please write "contact me" as your answer.
  • A response may take up to 5 days; the MM Team works during regular business hours, M-F. We appreciate your patience, as setting up a car for maximum performance and best ride quality can take a little time to do right.
Follow these instructions:
  1. Copy the text indicated below and paste it into a document editor like Microsoft Word or Google Docs.
  2. Type in your answer to each question immediately after the question mark. Please do not insert extra lines of text or carriage returns, but feel free to add any information you think might be relevant.
  3. After answering all of the questions, copy all of the text from your document editor and paste it into the e-mail "Message" field on the Contact Us page.
  4. Select "Tech Department" as the recipient and click "Send."
Using a smart phone?
  • We've found that attempting this process on a smart phone often produces poor results and a lot of frustration.
  • You may find it easier to use a desktop computer.

You must purchase either MM Tech Services or a Maximum Grip Box to get the required MM Order Number (MM website purchase) or MM Sales Order Number (purchase by phone) before submitting this request form. Forms submitted without a web order number or sales order number will not receive a response.

Now copy and paste everything below this line.

Maximum Grip Box setup for 1979-2004 Mustang

a) What is your web order number or sales order number?
b) What is your name?
c) What is your e-mail address?
d) Optional: What is your phone number?
e) Best times to call?

All of the answers to the questions below should describe how you intend to use your car after installing the Maximum Grip Box, along with any other changes you will do.

Tell us about how you drive your car.
It's very important that we understand how you use your car and what type of performance you want from it.

f) Is it only street driven? (Yes or No)
g) Drag strip use only; trailered to the strip? (Yes or No)
h) Road course use only; trailered to the track? (Yes or No)
i) Street/strip? Is it street-driven but also used on the strip? (Yes or No)
j) Street and autocross/road course? (Yes or No)
k) What type of driving would you like us to recommend spring rates for? (Examples: drag racing, street cruising, street performance, autocross, open-tracking, road racing, dual-purpose, etc.)
l) If your car is primarily street driven, how important to you is ride quality?

Now tell us the basics about your car.
1. What year is your car?
2. What model is your car? (Mustang, T-Bird, etc.)
3. What submodel is your car? (GT, GTS, LX, Cobra, etc.)
4. Is it a convertible, hatchback, or coupe?
5. What is the brand and model of the front tires?
6. What is the front tire width?
7. What is the front wheel width?
8. What is the brand and model of the rear tires?
9. What is the rear tire width?
10. What is the rear wheel width?
11. What spindles are installed? Include the year if they aren't the originals. (Examples: stock original, 1999 Mustang, 1987-93 V8, etc.)
12. What is the approximate maximum engine torque output?
13. How much does your car weigh? If available, give us the individual corner weights. If no measured weight is available, list anything done that significantly affects the car's weight from stock, either adding weight or removing weight. (Examples: carbon fiber hood, huge stereo in the trunk, etc.)
14. What front spring rate do you want? ____ Or, don't know? ____ We'll make a recommendation about front and rear springs based on how you answered the previous questions.
15. Which brand of struts and shocks do you want? ____ Or, don't know? ____ We'll make a recommendation based on how you answered the previous questions.
16. For rear coil-overs, do you want to add an MM Racing Upper Shock Mount? ____ We need to know because that may affect the choice of rear coil-over kit.
17. Which finish do you want on the Caster Camber Plate main plates: black powdercoat or chrome plating?
18. Do you want the subframe connectors finished in bare steel or with black powdercoating?
19. Which steering rack will you use? (Fox power, Fox manual, SN95 power, SN95 manual)
20. Are you using your stock front swaybar? (Yes or No)
21. If not, which aftermarket front swaybar are you using?
22. Would you like to discuss which aftermarket front swaybar to use?
23. Do you want the standard natural finish or a polished finish on the Panhard Bar's aluminum rod?
24. Do you have aftermarket parts such as a supercharger or cold air kit? This affects the Strut Tower Brace fitment.

K-member questions
25. Which engine is in your Mustang?
26. Does your engine require an Oil Filter Relocation Kit?

Front Control Arm questions
27. Do want Fox track width or SN95 track width?
28. Which fore/aft front wheel position do you want? (stock [Fox only], +0.75 in., or +1.5 in.)
29. Do you want the MM Drag Race Front Control Arms?
30. Do you want urethane or Delrin bushings?

Rear solid-axle questions
31. How much torque does your car's engine make, measured at the rear tires?
32. Do you want the racing crossmember for the MM Torque-arm? (Yes or No)
33. If stock-location rear springs are necessary because of the front coil-over spring rate, do you want control arms with adjustable-height spring perches?
34. What year, model, and submodel did the rear axle housing in your car come from?
35. What year, model, and submodel did the axles in your rear axle housing come from?

IRS questions
36. Do you intend to use OEM Ford 2003-2004 Mustang Cobra struts and shocks? (Yes or No)
37. If yes, list all part numbers printed on them. We want to confirm whether they are hardtop or convertible dampers because that affects spring rate choice.
38. Have any upgrades already been done to the IRS? If yes, please list which parts and the manufacturer's name and part numbers for all.
39. Are you interested in an adjustable rear swaybar? (Yes or No)

Additional items
40. Would you like to add motor mounts? If so, which part number?
41. Would you like to add a camber gauge to do your own alignment?
42. Do you have access to a bumpsteer gauge?
43. Are there any other parts you'd like to include in this Maximum Grip Box?