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Customer Car Shots, 1979-2004

If you would like to submit photos to our "customer cars" page, contact our sales department regarding filling out and faxing us a "photo release form" along with details of where to email your car photos.

Chris Griswold 2009 AIX National Champion
Chris Griswold won the American Iron Extreme class at the 2009 NASA National Championships. Griswold dominated the AIX class at Miller Motorsports Park in Utah in his brand new MM-equipped racecar, and led the AIX race flag-to-flag.

Mike Maier
Mike Maier in his radical SCCA C/P autocross Mustang. Maximum Motorsports dealer Maier Racing offers the body panels in either fiberglass or carbon fiber.

Scott Whitehead
Scott Whitehead changed his racecar's front suspension over to Maximum Motorsports after suffering failures of his previous suspension parts.

Steve M.
Local MM customer Steve M. took his Maximum Grip Box equipped 2003 Cobra to Buttonwillow raceway for an SVT open track event.

Lorien Feighner
Lorien Feighner was 2006 SCCA E Street Prepared L National Champion in her MM-equipped Mustang.

Matt King's CMC Mustang
Matt King's CMC Mustang. MM-equipped.

Eric M.
Former MM employee Eric M.'s very clean Mustang.

Tim Gilpin
This MM-equipped American Iron Racecar belongs to Tim Gilpin of Brothers Performance.

Scott Gasich
Scott Gasich running his '98 Mustang at Buttonwillow Raceway.

Tom Wilson
The 5.0 Mustang magazine project car, photographed during the Open Track Challenge. Equipped with the MM Maximum Grip Box and a Maximum Motorsports roll bar.

Jonathan Bomarito
Jonathan Bomarito, the 2001 Champion of the Camaro-Mustang Challenge Series, in his MM equipped Mustang.

Michael's Bullitt
Michael's Bullitt is in the October 2008 issue of Mustang Monthly. Installation of a Maximum Motorsports adjustable rear swaybar on this car is chronicled, with lots of photos and a complete description.

MM Shop Car
MM Shop Car circa 1990 at the Lone Pine Time Trials, Mount Whitney in the background.

Tom Wilson
Tom Wilson again, at Buttonwillow Raceway.

Jack Hidley
Jack Hidley's street-driven Mustang is also track-ready. Shown here during the Open Track Challenge. It has a full interior (with A/C and stereo) and is equipped with the Maximum Grip Box.

Freddy Gouveia
Freddy Gouveia showing off his 2002 GT. Work was done by Avanti Servicios Especializados who specializes in MM modifications. Caracas, Venezuela.

Tony Guaglione
Hi-Line Motorsports driver, Tony Guaglione, in grid at Buttonwillow.

Tom Wilson
Tom Wilson in the 5.0 Mustang magazine track car at Buttonwillow during the 2002 Open track Challenge. MM-equipped.

Scott Gasich
Scott Gasich again, running his '93 at Willow Springs.

Lindsey and Flaherty
John Lindsey (AIX), and Ryan Flaherty (AI) on the grid at Buttonwillow in their MM-equipped racecars.