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Modifications required to fit Big Brake Kits to a Fox chassis Mustang

While the Brembo, StopTech, and Wilwood Road Race or Wilwood Street Performance front brake upgrade kits are all listed for 1994-2004 Mustangs, they can be installed on earlier Mustangs.

  • To install one of these big brake kits on a 1979-93 Mustang, the spindles from an SN95 Mustang must also be installed. The choice of which spindle (1994-95 or 1996-2004) to install depends on whether the car has a stock K-member or a MM K-member. See the Front Suspension topics from the MM FAQs & Tech Tips page for how to choose the correct spindle for your application, and more information about everything involved with upgrading to SN95 spindles.
  • You must also install the correct brake hoses, or adapter fitting, to fit the SN95 front big brake kits to a Fox chassis Mustang, because the hoses included with the big brake kits are designed to fit the SN95 chassis, not the Fox chassis
  • A front big brake kit should only be installed when the rear drum brakes have also been upgraded to discs.
  • For best braking performance, all of the 13" front big brake kits should be installed on Mustangs that are also equipped with the 11.65" Cobra (or larger) rear rotor. This will maintain the brake balance that these front brake kits were designed to provide.
  • If these kits are installed along with the 10.5" diameter rear brake rotor that was standard on all 1994-2004 non-Cobra Mustang models, the car will have about 10% less rear brake torque than with the Cobra rear rotor. Such an installation will cause less rear brake bias, and result in the front brakes being overworked in extreme conditions. To achieve proper brake performance, an upgrade to the larger (11.65") Cobra rear rotors is needed.