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MM Coronavirus Update

We’re changing our phone hours to 9:00 AM to 3:00 PM Pacific Time (Monday-Friday, excluding holidays) so we have more time to process orders and get them out to you.

Please be aware
Our supply chain is suffering major pandemic-related disruptions. Many of our suppliers shut down for a time, and like us are operating with reduced manpower. Meanwhile, demand for MM products has skyrocketed. Thank you! We’re a small company and we regret our website isn’t fancy enough to inform you of back orders when you buy something. Please understand that we’re working as fast as we can to fill your orders.

UPS Shipping Times As of March 24, UPS no longer guarantees the shipping time for any shipment. i.e., expect shipping time to lengthen.

Big Brake Caliper and Wheel Clearance

Most 13" big brake kits require 17" or larger wheels, with at least 50mm of clearance to the back of the spokes: see the drawing below. The Konig Villain rim (17x9) provides adequate caliper clearance for 13" big brake kits from StopTech, Brembo, and Wilwood.

Big brake kits with 14" rotors require 18" or larger wheels.

For the most accurate information about the clearance requirements of big brake kits, always check the manufacturers own website for drawings and templates. See below for links to StopTech.

If you are using a wheel that does not provide adequate spoke clearance, sometimes wheel spacers can be used to increase the distance between the back of the wheel spokes and the caliper.

caliper and wheel clearance required

Stoptech has downloadable caliper clearance templates that you can print out. They offer vehicle specific templates and instructions for how to use them on their site at the above link, as well as direct links to the Mustang templates below.