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1994-95 Mustang Spindle Tech

Spindle was completely redesigned with the advent of the SN95 chassis in 1994.

  • All 1994-95 Mustangs, regardless of engine, fitted with the same spindle.
  • 5-lug hubs and rotors.
  • Ball joint changed to a low-friction design.
  • Angle of the tapered ball joint stud unchanged from the earlier spindles.
  • Thickness of the mounting boss on the spindle, where the tapered hole for the ball joint is located, reduced. Essentially, material was removed from the top of the mounting boss.
  • Wheel bearing design changed from tapered roller bearings to a sealed deep groove ball bearing.
  • Special locking nut, requiring extremely high tightening torque, retains the hub. Ford recommends that these nuts be tightened only once.
  • Good news: there is no longer a need to repack wheel bearings or adjust their preload.
  • Bad news: the bearings reportedly have a shorter lifespan on cars that are open-tracked.
  • Rotor is now separate from the hub, instead of a 1-piece rotor and hub.
  • 2-piece assembly allows easy replacement of rotors, as the hub and wheel bearing remain undisturbed during rotor removal.
  • Easy to swap the smaller rotors of the GT and V6 Mustang for the Cobra's larger 13" rotors.
  • Mounting ear for the strut was moved downwards, toward the ground, by slightly more than one inch, compared to the previous generation Mustang spindle. This effectively increases the distance between the strut's mounting point on the spindle and the strut's upper mounting point on the chassis' strut tower. The struts were redesigned so their extended and compressed lengths are appropriate for the SN95 chassis and spindle.
  • Thickness of the mounting ear for the strut was unchanged, which allows installing struts designed for the 1987-93 V8 Mustang onto the SN95 spindle.
  • Steering arm was redesigned to move the hole for the outer tie-rod end forward and outward.
  • Angle and size of the outer tie-rod end hole taper remained the same as the Fox chassis Mustang, allowing easy retrofitting to the earlier cars.
  • Designed to provide a particular amount of negative camber on the 1994-95 chassis, as well as a particular track width. The design included consideration for the longer front control arms fitted to the new SN95 chassis.
  • Calipers are new designs.
  • Mustang GT and V6 have a single-piston caliper.
  • Cobra caliper is a two-piston aluminum unit made by PBR.
  • Easy to upgrade GT and V6 brakes to the Cobra model components because all 1994-95 Mustang models use the same spindle and hub.

Upgrading to Cobra brakes requires

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