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1994-95 Mustang: Swapping to the 1996-04 Spindles

Swapping 1996-04 spindles onto a 1994-95 Mustang with a stock k-member will cause a significant bumpsteer problem: Read Warning: 1996-04 spindles & Stock pre-1996 K-members

  • Bad idea: Swapping to 1996-04 spindles while retaining the stock k-member.
  • Good idea: Swapping to 1996-04 spindles with a Maximum Motorsports K-member installation. This will reduce the stack of bumpsteer spacers on the steering arm by about 0.96", compared to the 1994-95 spindles.
  • Swapping to the 1996-04 spindle will also allow mounting the front control arms in the upper set of pivot holes on the MM K-member, which is not recommended when using 1994-95 spindles.
  • Using the upper set of control arm pivot holes on the MM K-member (2" higher than the stock pivot hole locations) allows further lowering of the car.

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