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MM Coil-Over Suspension Tech

Make your Mustang's suspension perform at its best by replacing the stock springs with a Maximum Motorsports coil-over conversion kit. Once thought of as a race car only item, coil-over suspensions are now considered the hot set-up for any highly tuned street car. A coil-over conversion provides the combination of incredible handling and great ride quality that one expects from a world-class performance car. Whether you are building a street car or a purebred race Mustang, Maximum Motosports coil-over kits provide the performance, strength, and durability necessary to handle the rigors of both the racetrack and daily driving. With a Maximum Motorsports Coil-Over Conversion Kit you will have the no-compromise handling you demand without paying a penalty in ride comfort. Switching to a MM Coil-Over Suspension System is a win-win situation for any Mustang!

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Tech Info

MM Mustang Coil-over conversion kits eliminate the conventional stock springs that are located on the control arms, and replace them with compact, lightweight springs that fit over the Mustang struts and shocks. This is the optimum spring location for reducing suspension bind and unsprung weight. It provides completely free suspension movement with a drastic reduction in impact harshness. With a MM coil-over kit, your Mustang's performance and ride firmness can be precisely adjusted to suit your performance demands. A wide variety of readily available spring rates allow precise fine-tuning of your Mustang's handling balance. An added bonus of coil-overs is that the ride quality will be better than it was when your Mustang was still stock!

Mustangs being tuned for better handling performance can utilize spring rates that provide much higher wheel rates (see MM coil-over FAQ here for an explanation of this term) than stock, yet without the impact harshness associated with using stiffer than original equipment springs in the stock location. This improvement in ride quality is especially noticeable in the Mustang front suspension. The vehicle can also be lowered, with infinitely small increments of adjustment, and can be precisely corner-weighted. Excessive brake dive and body roll will be a thing of the past, allowing your Mustang to handle like never before.

Mustang drag racers also benefit from installing MM coil-over conversion kits. Besides the overall reduction in vehicle weight, coil-overs can increase weight transfer by providing bind-free suspension movement and the ability to use relatively soft springs. The ability of coil-overs to allow precise ride height adjustments also aids in tuning the vehicle for optimum performance. Whatever the ride height desired, whether it's stock or lowered, the MM coil-over kit can provide it.

Warning! All coil-over kits are not created equal. Compare the features of the Maximum Motorsports application-specific Mustang coil-over kits with any other manufacturer's universal kits and you'll quickly see the differences. Careful attention to detail by our engineering team is why the MM coil-over conversion kits avoid the design pitfalls of others. You can always depend on Maximum Motorsports to provide you with the very best parts for your Mustang!

Maximum Motorsports offers many features that set our coil-over conversion kits apart from the rest:

  • The underside of our exclusive MM upper spring perch is machined to allow the bumpstop to fit inside of it, increasing bump travel.
  • The overall stack height of the MM coil-over kit's upper perch configuration is shorter than any other kit. This helps to maximize bump travel.
  • If pre-loading the spring is necessary, the lower spring perch can be easily adjusted with a spanner wrench.
  • A nylon-tipped setscrew ensures that the lower spring perch will not rotate.
  • While other companies simply anodize their aluminum parts for appearance, Maximum Motorsports has critical components hard anodized for maximum life and easier adjustment.
  • Overlooked by other companies, Maximum Motorsports designed our threaded sleeve assemblies to fit your Mustang's struts and shocks snugly. The tight fit keeps the threaded sleeve from rattling on the strut. More importantly, the lower spring perch is kept square to the strut and shock, preventing the spring from bowing and rubbing on the threaded sleeve.
  • When you're ready to purchase, Maximum Motorsports will help you select the ideal spring for your Mustang's performance needs, based on our extensive knowledge of spring rates, free lengths, and proper spring travel. Not only will we recommend a specific spring rate, but we will also recommend the proper length to prevent coil-bind. Coil-bind occurs when the coils of a spring bottom against each other before the suspension hits the bumpstops. This causes severe suspension system damage, and should never be allowed to occur.
  • Maximum Motorsports sells only the highest quality coil-over springs available. While other companies lower the price of their kits by using cheaper springs, we choose to offer only the best. A quality spring, of the right specification, is the key to maximum suspension performance. More can be found about coil-over springs here.
  • Made in the USA, Maximum Motorsports coil-over kit designs are second to none.