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MM Mustang Tubular Front Control Arm Tech

Why change from the stock Mustang front control arms?
Once a Mustang has been converted to front coil-overs, there is no need for a front control arm designed to hold the spring, and therefore the weight of the car, in the center of its span. When the spring is no longer located on the control arm, the design requirements for the arm change, allowing for a much lighter weight control arm.

    • MM Front Control Arms replace the heavy stock control arms with lighter tubular steel units.
    • MM front control arms only fit Mustangs that have been converted to coil-overs.
    • Stock Ford arms weigh 14-3/4 lbs. each. MM tubular arms weigh 8 pounds each, for a total weight savings of 13-1/2 lb from the control arms alone. Additional weight is saved from the installation of the front coil-over kit.
    • MM front control arms set a new, higher standard of performance. Our engineering team designed these from a clean sheet of paper, which is why they are not only unique looking, but stronger than any others.

  • MM arms are a true 'A'-arm, not a 'V'-arm. This provides maximum rigidity and equalizes the forces delivered into the K-member.
  • MM arms are made of 1.25" diameter DOM round steel tube. This is twice as strong as other companies' 1.0" tube.
  • MM arms are gusseted in critical areas to ensure that the entire control arm will bend in an accident, absorbing energy, before a weld will break.
  • Bushings are much smaller and stiffer than stock control arm bushings, for quicker steering response.
  • Available with either urethane or Delrin pivot bushings.
  • Bushings are interchangeable, and therefore may be swapped for the other material at a later date.
  • Delrin bushings offer zero deflection, ideal for competition, but in street use cause a small increase in NVH (Noise, Vibration, Harshness) compared to urethane bushings.
  • All MM arms are fitted with the latest generation Ford low-friction ball joint. These provide improved ride quality and handling over the Fox chassis ball joints.
  • Fixture-welded with a very specific and carefully engineered weld sequence.
  • The pivot bushing bores are machined on a common axis after welding to ensure correct alignment and bind-free pivoting. No other control arm is manufactured with this level of precision.
  • Grease is included for initial lubrication.
  • Grease fittings pre-installed for future maintenance.
  • The pivot bushings have zinc-plated, thick-wall, steel crush sleeves. Unlike other companies' thin-wall sleeves, the MM sleeves allow properly tightening the control arm pivot bolts to the OEM torque specification. Thin-wall sleeves buckle and distort, allowing the bolts to loosen.
  • MM arms for the 1994-04 Mustangs have 2 swaybar mounting locations. The additional hole allows use of the arm on 1979-93 Mustangs, with their narrower front swaybars.
  • Powder coated black.
  • Available in three different geometries for Fox chassis Mustangs, and currently two for SN95 Mustangs.
  • Non-offset arms maintain the stock relationship of the ball-joint to the pivot bushings.
  • Forward-offset arms move the ball-joint 3/4" forward, along the centerline of the car, and therefore the tire is also moved forward.
  • Reverse-offset arms move the ball-joint rearward, along the centerline of the car. These maintain the stock fore/aft tire location when installed with an MM k-member.