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Mustang Front Control Arm Swaps

Closely related to the subject of swapping spindles between model years is the subject of swapping front control arms.

Installing longer 1994-04 front control arms on a Fox chassis Mustang will...

  • Increase front track width, which will increase front grip.
  • Reduce understeer because of the increase in front grip.
  • Increase cornering speed because of the increase in front grip.
  • Reduce binding in the suspension because of the inherent lower friction of the 1994-04 ball joints. This improves both handling and ride quality.
  • Will increase the amount of negative camber that can be achieved because the ball joint is moved outboard.
  • Longer tie-rod assembly will be required: Either the 1994-04 inner and outer tie-rod assembly, or the special MM bumpsteer adjusting Outer Tie-rod End Kit that has an extended aluminum adapter sleeve.
  • Tire to fender clearance will be significantly reduced, and may require modification of the fender.
  • 1999-04 OEM front control arms provide more tire clearance at full steering lock than the 1994-98 front control arms. This reduces possible interference with wide wheels and tires, allowing a greater steering angle, and therefore a tighter turning radius.
  • MM Tubular Front Control Arms offer a similar improvement in wheel and tire clearance, and the resulting decrease in turning radius.
  • Increased steering angle may be possible only if the OEM steering rack limiters are removed.