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1979-86 and 1987-93 non-V8 Mustang Spindle

First generation Fox-chassis spindle was fitted to all Mustangs, regardless of engine, through 1986. While the V8 Mustangs were fitted with a redesigned spindle in 1987, the non-V8 Mustangs continued with this spindle through 1993.


  • Tapered roller bearings
  • 1-piece hub and rotor assembly.
  • Small 10" rotor diameter.
  • Limited selection of performance brake pad compounds.
  • Unique ears for mounting the stock caliper; aftermarket calipers cannot be installed without significant modifications to the spindle.
  • Calipers, brake pads, and hoses are unique and cannot be swapped with any others.
  • Thickness of the strut-mounting ear is greater than on the other Mustang spindles, and therefore most high performance struts do not fit.

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