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MM Mustang K-Member Tech

MM's Engineering Team started the design of our Mustang K-member in 1997, and spent over two years with our CAD system before we installed the prototype on our black shop Mustang. We started a year of extensive track testing in early 2000, to fine-tune our design. We placed a higher priority on strength, stiffness, durability, and safety than on trying to achieve ultra-low weight. The time and effort spent in developing the finest Mustang K-member possible is clearly evident in the functionality of every design detail.

MM K-members are designed and built to last the life of the vehicle. While most aftermarket k-members are designed to save as much weight as possible, our priorities instead led us to carefully design cross bracing and triangulation of tube intersections to ensure the strength and durability needed for this critical part. We also used thicker gauge metal and larger tube sizes than other companies do. The result is a Mustang K-member with the strength to handle drag race launches and wheel stands, road race use, and of course, the rigors of daily street driving.

A word (or 110) about service life
While frequent inspection of components on a race vehicle is recommended, there is no need to regularly "time-out" MM parts (replace a particular component after a set amount of time), or worry about unpredictable failures with our products on your Mustang. While it is impossible to foresee all possible consequences from different types of use, our K-member was designed and constructed to last the lifetime of your vehicle. This is unlike other brands, which consider the K-member, as well as other major components, a regular replacement item. The Ford OE K-member was designed to be a lifetime service part, and we believe an aftermarket K-Member should be as well.

How much is weight reduced with a k-member?
Tech: Weight Myths about K-members (FOX Mustang example) or an SN95 Mustang K-member weight reduction example.

Qualities that make the MM Mustang K-Member unique MMKM-1

  • Lengthens the Mustang's wheelbase by 3/4". This improves the front to rear weight distribution. It also increases the positive caster, which improves cornering ability.
  • The vertical location of the control arm pivots was optimized to improve the camber curve on lowered vehicles, and improve the roll center height.
  • Two possible vertical locations for the control arm pivots (1" higher, or 2" higher than stock) are built into the MM K-member. This allows installing the front control arms in the pivot location that is optimal for the car's chosen ride height.
  • The steering rack location is optimized for the greatest improvement in Ackerman steering geometry possible. This improves turn-in response, reduces understeer, and improves tire wear.
  • After extensive testing of different anti-dive geometries, Maximum Motorsports determined that Ford got it right! The stock amount of anti-dive provides the best performance, and that is what we build into our MM K-member. Increasing anti-dive geometry over the stock amount will cause the suspension to bind during hard braking, which in turn causes the front brakes to lock-up easily.
  • The MM K-Member comes standard with a two point MM K-member Brace. Stock K-members need them, and so do aftermarket K-members. This is the only tubular Mustang K-member that has a 2-point brace as an integral part of the design.
  • Our 5.0L Mustang MM K-member allows the option of setting the engine back one inch, or installing it in the stock location.
  • We offer versions of our MM K-member that allow 5.0-based engines to be installed in 1996-2004 Mustangs, and modular engines to be installed in 1979-1995 Mustangs.
  • Increased clearance for the oil pan makes its removal much easier.
  • Mustang Header clearance is increased in critical areas.
  • Our tubular design provides easier access to the Mustang's starter motor.
  • Precision holes are pre-drilled for plumb bobs, to make it easy to accurately square the MM K-member to the Mustang chassis during installation.
  • Factory Ford K-Members weigh an average of 50 lb. The MM K-member weighs only 36lb, for a 28% weight savings.

Proper installation of the MM K-member will also require the following parts:

New! MM K-member for Hellion Turbo Kits
MM worked with Hellion Power Systems to develop a MM K-member that would provide clearance for their turbo kits. Now, along with the power of a Hellion turbo system, you can have the legendary handling of a proven Maximum Motorsports suspension system. There is no need to sacrifice the safety or the handling ability of your Mustang by installing a K-member intended for drag racing use. This Maximum Motorsports K-member will provide superior chassis rigidity, superb handling, and will last the life of your car!