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1987-93 V8 Mustang Spindle Tech

1987-93 V8 Mustang spindle has both similarities and many differences with the first generation Mustang spindle.


  • Brake calipers, pads and brake hoses were changed from the earlier spindle, although superficially similar in appearance.
  • Tapered roller bearings.
  • 1-piece hub and rotor assembly.
  • 11" rotor diameter.
  • Calipers are most similar to those found on the SVO Mustang, but have a smaller piston diameter of 60mm.
  • 1987-93 V8 Mustang calipers and the SVO calipers are interchangeable as far as mounting on the spindle goes. While they share the same pad shape, the inboard retaining clips differ because of the different pistons.
  • Unique ears for mounting the stock caliper; aftermarket calipers cannot be installed without significant modifications to the spindle.
  • Mounting ear for the strut is 0.230" (5.9mm) thinner than the first generation spindle.
  • Boltholes for the strut mounting are 0.130" (3.3mm) further apart than the first generation spindle.

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