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Warning: 1996-04 Mustang spindles & Stock pre-1996 K-members

Do not install a 1996-04 spindle on a 1979-93 or 1994-95 Mustang fitted with a stock-geometry k-member!

Doing so will significantly increase bumpsteer because...

  • The steering arm on the 1996-04 spindle is about 1.02" (26mm) lower (relative to the rest of the spindle) than the steering arm of any 1979-95 spindle.
  • The lower steering arm forces the outer tie-rod end to a lower position.
  • That new position is far too low for the steering rack location of any 1979-95 Mustang, and radically changes the steering geometry.
  • It is impossible to correct the geometry with a bumpsteer kit because the outer tie-rod end needs to be raised so much that it would have to occupy the same physical space as the steering arm.

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