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1984-86 SVO Mustang Spindle Tech

This spindle was fitted to the limited production SVO Mustang. It has many similarities, as well as many differences, with the 1987-93 V8 Mustang spindles.


  • Tapered roller bearings
  • 1-piece hub and rotor assembly
  • Nominal rotor diameter of 11".
  • Spindle, rotor and caliper were sourced from a Lincoln.
  • Diameter of the ball joint taper is that of the Lincoln, which is larger than a typical Mustang ball joint. This requires a ball joint adapter when swapping this spindle onto any other 1979-04 Mustang ball joint.
  • Steering arm geometry is slightly different than that of the other Mustang spindles of the same era, increasing the Ackerman geometry effect, but also slowing the steering ratio.
  • Strut mounting ear is 0.230" (5.9mm) thinner than the first generation Mustang spindle.
  • Bolt holes for the strut mounting are 0.130" (3.3mm) further apart than the first generation Mustang spindle; are the same as the 1987-93 V8 Mustang spindle, and all 1994-04 Mustang spindles.
  • Caliper is very similar to that of the 1987-93 Mustang, except the diameter of the brake caliper piston is larger (73mm). This caliper was chosen to match with the rear disc brakes fitted to the SVO Mustang.
  • Original SVO front calipers were fitted with phenolic plastic pistons; some rebuilt calipers have steel pistons, which have greater heat resistance and are therefore more desirable for track use.
  • Different piston materials have different requirements for inner brake pad retaining clips.
  • Unique ears for mounting the stock caliper; aftermarket calipers cannot be installed without significant modifications to the spindle.

Swapping to the SN95 spindles? See: 1979-93 Mustang: Swapping to the 1994-04 Spindles