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Swapping to the 1987-93 V8 Spindles

If you have a 1979-86 Mustang, or a non-V8 1987-93 Mustang chassis, swapping your first generation spindle for the 1987-93 V8 spindle is a fairly simple and relatively inexpensive upgrade.


  • Easy improvement to the front brakes, by increasing the brake rotor diameter.
  • More options for high performance brake pad compounds are available for the 1987-93 V8 caliper, than there are for the first generation caliper. Maximum Motorsports stocks Hawk brake pads.
  • More high performance strut options are available for the 1987-93 V8 spindle than for the first generation spindle.
  • Easy 5-lug swap. The stock 4-lug rotors of the 1987-93 V8 spindle can be easily swapped for 5-lug rotors. Other than the number of lugs, the 1987-93, 11" rotors and the SVO/Lincoln rotors are dimensionally identical in all significant aspects. Maximum Motorsports stocks the 5-lug rotor.
  • Upgrading to 5-lug rotors makes it possible to take advantage of the greater number of 5-lug wheel types and sizes that are available. Note that the center cap of some 5-lug wheels will not fit over the dust cap fitted to this 5-lug rotor's larger hub snout.
  • Struts intended for the 1979-86 Mustang can be fitted to the 1987-93 V8 spindle with the addition of two fabricated spacer plates (0.115" thick each) to fill the gap between the spindle ear and the strut's mounting tabs. Depending upon the particular strut, the mounting holes may need to be slotted vertically to match the later spindle's greater hole spacing.

Swapping requires...

More information on this spindle: 1987-93 V8 Spindle

Another way to upgrade to 5-lug is a swap to SN95 spindles: 1979-93 Mustang: Swapping to the 1994-04 Spindles