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2005+ Mustang Rear Lower Control Arm Tech: Extreme Duty

Extreme-Duty control arms

  • Designed to safely handle the stresses of very high-powered Mustangs that are drag raced. See the chart below for power ratings.
  • Direct replacement for the stock lower control arm.
  • Suitable for road racing and street use.
  • Tubular steel construction is much stiffer than both the stock control arm and our aluminum control arm.
  • Engineered design prevents binding of suspension movement.
  • Large, high strength, Teflon-lined spherical rod ends allow freedom of motion for both pivoting and angularity, preventing unwanted deflection while still allowing the angularity required for proper articulation. No binding.
  • Offset bushings improve geometry to reduce understeer.
  • Greatly reduces axle wind-up.
  • Adjustable length allows squaring the axle to the chassis.
  • Expect an increase in transmitted noise.
  • Powdercoated black.
  • Preset to stock control arm length, for easy installation.
  • Includes new OEM mounting bolts.

Power ratings at various differential gear ratios for MM Extreme Duty control arms.

Differential Gear Ratio Maximum Engine Torque (ft-lb)

Differential Gear Ratio Maximum Engine Torque (ft-lb)
2.73 1,524
3.08 1,321
3.27 1,272
3.55 1,172
3.73 1,116
4.10 1,015
4.30 968
4.56 913

Drag Race Standing Starts
The term "drag race" includes any hard standing start launch, whether it is at the drag strip or a stoplight on the street. Hard launches, when the engine RPMs are increased significantly and the clutch is released abruptly, put an enormous sudden shock load on the rear lower control arms. The higher the power level, the stickier the tires, and the better everything else that helps a car launch more quickly is, the greater the stress on the control arms. If hard launches are part of your lifestyle, then you want the MM Extreme Duty Rear Lower Control Arms.

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