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Mustang Rear Lower Control Arm Tech: MM Road Race series control arms

Road Race control arms

  • Lightweight aluminum; one complete arm is only 2.7 lb.
  • Aluminum tube is a custom extrusion exclusive to MM that provides optimum thread engagement for the rod ends.
  • Adjustable length allows squaring the axle to the chassis.
  • Teflon-lined spherical rod ends allow freedom of motion for both pivoting and angularity, preventing unwanted deflection while still allowing the angularity required for proper articulation. No binding.
  • Anodized black.
  • Moderate change in NVH.
  • Preset to stock control arm length, for easy installation.
  • Requires rear coil-over conversion.
  • No provision for stock type swaybar; use MM Adjustable rear swaybar.

Installing rear lower control arms that allow proper articulation of the suspension will prevent torque box damage. The best rear lower control arm bushing for a road race Mustang is a spherical bearing, not a solid (pivot-only) style of bushing.

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