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New! MM Technical Services: MM’s Engineering Team will provide setup recommendations specifically tailored for your Mustang. Get help choosing options for a Maximum Grip Box, deciding on coil-over spring rates, selecting a brake master cylinder, and advice on converting your Fox to Hydroboost.

New! Swapping a Coyote into a Fox Mustang? MM's Hydroboost Conversion Kits allow easy installation of a 1996-2004 Mustang Hydroboost power brake assist unit into a 1979-1993 Mustang.

New! Swapping an IRS into your Fox Mustang? MM makes it easier with a brake line kit made just for this conversion. Bolts-in, with no cutting or flaring of brake lines. Designed to fit standard IRS brake hoses.

New! MM now offers a tool for the giant nut securing a Mustang Hydroboost. This MM socket fits the 1-7/8" nut holding the Hydroboost to the firewall mount. Required when changing a Hydroboost unit.

New! MM's billet aluminum Pedal Box Spacer for Fox Mustangs. Replace the breakage-prone OEM plastic spacer when converting to manual brakes or Hydroboost.

Canadians! Please read the latest about ordering from Canada/shipping to Canada.

We've posted the parts list and link to the video of MM's Mustang in /DRIVE Tuner car Shootout

Weight Tech: Manual Steering versus Power Steering

There are many different rumors about how much weight can be removed from a Mustang by swapping out the power steering system for a manual steering rack. To put the false rumors to rest, we pulled out a scale and weighed the parts.

The difference in weight between a complete Fox Mustang power steering system and a manual steering system is 16.15 pounds.

Power Steering (Fox Mustang) Weight (lb)
Rack with inner tie-rods 14.28
Pump, aluminum bracket, pulley, and hardware 10.30
Low pressure hose assembly 0.45
High pressure hose assembly 1.45
Fluid (1.7 pints) 1.19
Accessory drive belt 0.58
Total 28.25


Manual Steering Weight (lb)
Rack with inner tie-rods 11.60
Accessory drive belt 0.50
Total 12.10


In this example we assume that the change in belt routing necessitated by eliminating the power steering pump requires only a shorter belt, and that no additional components are needed to aid with belt routing.