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Customer Testimonial: Aaron C.

Dear Maximum Motorsports staff,

My name is Aaron C. and I am currently living in Jacksonville N.C. I am writing you in order to thank you for making such a good product.

I purchased one of your 6-point, bolt-in roll cages from a friend of mine that had sold his hatchback Mustang before he had a chance to install it. I purchased it for one purpose, and one purpose only. To reduce chassis flex. When I bolted the cage in, I never actually trusted the rigidity of the tubing or the welds to be able to withstand an impact or support the car in case of an actual roll. I am standing here today, as living proof, that your roll cages can take more abuse than anyone or anything can dish out. I would like to explain to you, exactly what changed my mind about your cages.

On a normal hazy day in N.C., I was driving across town to pick up something to eat. It had just started to rain and the roads were getting a little slippery. When I approached a Traffic light, that had just turned green, I proceeded through. At the moment that my car had reached the center of the intersection, I heard a blast from a truck horn. Before I even had a chance to look, a garbage truck, that had tried to stop at the light and lost traction, had broad-sided me on the driver's side of my car. The impact was so strong that it sent my car upward into a roll and came to a rest, upside down, 75 yards from the intersection. I was able to crawl out of the wreckage unscathed for one reason. The Maximum Motorsports roll cage that I had bolted in just three weeks prior had only budged mere inches. The cage was bent on the driver's side but still remained bolted down at all six points. The five point harnesses that I was wearing had pulled through the floor mounts but they too had remained bolted in place on the horizontal support bar of the cage.

I am eating my words today about the rigidness of your cages. After my accident two of my friends are now true believers also and have already installed Maximum Motorsports roll cages in their cars. I have recently purchased a '90 Mustang hatchback. It needs a lot of work but rest assured that out of all the parts and accessories that I must now save for, the first thing this Mustang will receive is a 6-point roll cage from Maximum Motorsports.

In my line of work, most people consider me to be a life saver, but I owe my life to your entire crew for building such a fine product.

Thank you and God Bless,

Aaron C.
Corporal/United States Marine Corps
Jacksonville, NC

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