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Customer Testimonial: David D.

To Whom It May Concern:

I recently purchased your "grip in a box" package (from) a speed shop in Southern California. When I picked the car up I was less than completely thrilled. The car certainly handled better than it had in stock form, but as you know, that is faint praise. I was faced with a car that vibrated and made terrible noise at highway speed.

You are probably also aware that most people in the after market world are at worst charlatans and at best incompetent. I took the car back down to the speed shop to have them repair something they had broken in installing the kit. While the car was on the lift, I noticed that the panhard bar was finger tight. I ask the owner about this (for all I knew that's the way its supposed to be) and he said "Oh, I guess we forgot to tighten that." I drove the car home and it was a little better.

I felt that if they had over looked that "little" detail, they may have over looked others as well, and made the decision to visit your shop. I talked to Matt on the phone and he was very polite and accommodating, but I had diminished hopes. I arrived at the shop on Thursday and was truly surprised at what I found.

I talked to Matt and Rob initially and they put the car up on a ramp to take a look. When they saw that things weren't right Rob set immediately to work while Matt went to get Ehren VanSchmus. Ehren came down and prescribed some fixes, as well as taking the car on a test drive with me, and typing out some instructions on how to fix a problem with the exhaust! I was stunned. Here were three guys who actually gave a shit about what they did!

I would like to thank Ehren, Rob, and Matt for their time and attention, and I would also like to add that you have gained a loyal customer.


David D.

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