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Customer Testimonial: Kenny B.

Hi Chuck,

I just wanted to drop you a note regarding Matt Main, and Maximum Motorsports, in general.

Back in 1997 I picked up a 1993 Cobra. Great car, but had room for improvement — especially in the suspension department. I ordered up a few parts from various vendors (I was relatively new to the late-model Mustang scene, as well as open tracking). One item I ordered was your 4-point K-member brace. When I got it, I was so impressed with the design and quality of the piece, that I ended up canceling most of the other vendor items I had on order. Just about everything that I didn't already have installed on the car, but needed to get, I got through Maximum Motorsports. With each piece I received, I became more impressed with your company.

Sadly, in April of 2000, my Cobra was stolen. While that was a devastating (and aggravating) incident, so was the thought of being without a track car (that doubles as a daily driver, by the way). My Cobra was found 2 weeks later — stripped to the bone. No engine, tranny, interior, etc. The thieves really raped her good.

In May, I picked up a fairly stock 1991 Mustang Coupe. It had JBA headers, 3.55:1 gears, and a Hurst shifter. Again, a solid car, but definitely needing help in the suspension department. Without hesitation I dialed up Maximum Motorsports. I believe I dealt with Jason back then. Terrific customer support. I ordered up one of your "Grip-In-A-Box" kits (Road & Track version). It was great to receive a complete, ready to go, package, all from one vendor. No guess work, and complete confidence that everything would work well together. And it did! Later that summer, you notified me that you were releasing you new [then] Torque Arm. You guys cut me a KILLER deal on that one. Installing it, along with the Torque Arm specific rear springs was really the crowning touch. The car was simply awesome. I took it to Laguna Seca and Thunderhill, and she ran faster than ever!

I had to sell that car for financial reasons. But I made sure to sell it to a fellow Nor-Cal Shelby Club member, so as to ensure it gets driven the way it needs to be — fast, and on road courses!

Well, as luck would have it, financial times have come full circle. I picked up a brand new 2000 GT in March of this year. As it was last years model, and well into 2001, I got a great deal on it. I like the car, but I've been spoiled with Maximum Motorsports upgrades in the past. So, needles to say, I KNEW I'd be giving you guys a call soon!

This afternoon, I was able to make that call. I dealt with Matt Main this time. Again, terrific customer support. No pressures or attitudes, which is often what us gear heads get when dealing with vendors (I won't name names...). I didn't give Matt the easiest of orders, or make life easy on him. Due to already ordering springs from you earlier this year, and some other minor tweaks, I had him modifying the Road & Track kit to fit my needs. I also added a Torque arm, a roll bar, etc. Even late in the day, I couldn't ruffle his feathers. He worked with me, and basically treated me with the same courteous, respectful manner that I have come to expect from your folks.

I hope that you never change your way of doing business, Chuck. You have well engineered products, fair prices, great customer service and a commitment to improve the performance of the late model Mustang chassis. I'm on car #3 with Maximum Motorsports. I wouldn't have it any other way.


via e-mail

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