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Customer Testimonial: William M.

To Whom It May Concern:

I just recently ordered your panhard bar for Ford Mustangs. Only after receiving it did I decide to write this letter. Before I get to the details, let me just say that I have ordered many parts from you over the past several years (panhard bar, caster/camber plates, and bushings to name a few) and I have never been dissatisfied.

I must say, without question, you put out far superior products than anyone in the business. Not only are the products exceptional, the service is as well. The design and construction of the panhard bar is outstanding. All welds are near full penetration and the joints are designed with gussets for improved strength. I was also delighted at the exceptional packing job that was done; this included the directions and bolts, even right down to the extra cardboard at the mounting flanges to prevent them from puncturing through. This is what is called attention to detail and customers appreciate that. Excellent work! The instructions are well written and seem very thorough (although I have not installed it yet); I anticipate no problems.

I own two Mustangs; in particular a 1985 I am building for SCCA American Sedan racing. I have been buying parts through the mail for years, and I have yet to find a company that matches your customer service, product quality, and packaging. There have been numerous incidents from other companies where the product arrives on the doorstep half out of the box it came in; this does not lead one to feel very good about the product that just arrived.

Please feel free to share my feelings with anyone who would appreciate them. Your employees may not realize how their customers feel, I am sure they would feel proud if they realized their hard work is indeed appreciated.

Thanks for the outstanding effort.


William M.
Lake Worth, FL

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