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New! MM Technical Services: MM’s Engineering Team will provide setup recommendations specifically tailored for your Mustang. Get help choosing options for a Maximum Grip Box, deciding on coil-over spring rates, selecting a brake master cylinder, and advice on converting your Fox to Hydroboost.

New! Swapping a Coyote into a Fox Mustang? MM's Hydroboost Conversion Kits allow easy installation of a 1996-2004 Mustang Hydroboost power brake assist unit into a 1979-1993 Mustang.

New! Swapping an IRS into your Fox Mustang? MM makes it easier with a brake line kit made just for this conversion. Bolts-in, with no cutting or flaring of brake lines. Designed to fit standard IRS brake hoses.

New! MM now offers a tool for the giant nut securing a Mustang Hydroboost. This MM socket fits the 1-7/8" nut holding the Hydroboost to the firewall mount. Required when changing a Hydroboost unit.

New! MM's billet aluminum Pedal Box Spacer for Fox Mustangs. Replace the breakage-prone OEM plastic spacer when converting to manual brakes or Hydroboost.

Canadians! Please read the latest about ordering from Canada/shipping to Canada.

We've posted the parts list and link to the video of MM's Mustang in /DRIVE Tuner car Shootout

Fox Hydroboost Conversion Recommendation Request

  • As a service to our customers purchasing a Fox Hydroboost conversion kit directly from Maximum Motorsports, we'll check the suitability of your brake system to properly match with one of the two Mustang Hydroboost units. If your brakes are not a good match, we'll suggest changes you could make to your current brakes to make for a good match to a Hydroboost unit.
  • Required: You must purchase MM Tech Services before submitting this form.
  • Not buying direct from MM? Please contact your vendor for tech support.
  • Please answer all questions. The more accurate and complete your answers, the faster we can give you a response.
  • Failure to answer all of the questions will prevent us from being able to recommend the optimum Hydroboost conversion kit for your Mustang and your driving situation.
  • A response may take up to 5 days; the MM Engineering Team works during regular business hours, M-F.
Follow these instructions:
  1. Please copy and paste everything below into the email "Message" field on the Contact Us page.
  2. Type in your answers after each individual question.
  3. For those questions regarding items you would like us to make a recommendation for, answer with "Please recommend."
  4. Select "Tech Department" and then click "Send."
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Copy and paste everything below the line.

You must purchase MM Tech Services to get the required MM order number (MM website purchase) or MM invoice number (purchase by phone) before submitting this form. Forms submitted without an order number or invoice number will be ignored.

Questions regarding your 1979-1993 Mustang:

1. What is your Web Order Number?
2. What year is your car?
3. What model is your car? (Mustang, T-Bird, etc.)
4. What submodel is your car? (GT, GTS, LX, Cobra, etc.)
If the front brake system is OEM:
5. What year, model, and submodel did the front brake rotor come from?
6. What year, model, and submodel did the front brake caliper come from?
If the rear brake system is OEM:
7. What year, model, and submodel did the rear brake rotor come from?
8. What year, model, and submodel did the rear brake caliper come from?
9. If the front brake system is aftermarket, what is the brand and part number of the brake kit?
10. If the rear brake system is aftermarket, what is the brand and part number of the brake kit?
11. Is there anything else you think we should know?
12. What is your name?
13. What is your email address?